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I even have written a bunch of stuff regarding DUBTurbo and how I use it for hip hop beats, but I require a second to inform you regarding what else it can do. It was designed with hip hop in mind, however it’s good for different genres, too, like:

1.Drum and Base

The list is endless… Most of my beats are hip hop, however each once in a while I get a request to create a beat that’s a little different. Do you recognize how laborious it is to make a Raggae beat when all you've got are hip hop samples? It’s next to impossible!

However DUBTurbo includes everything you wish to start out making beats in nearly any genre from day one. And if they don’t have what you’re looking for, you'll be able to use their tutorials to make and import your own samples. It’s that good.

You know what else I really love concerning DUBTurbo? You'll be able to use it on the web.

Last month I was at a party hanging out with everybody in my crew. They wanted to have a freestyle battle, but the guy who usually does all the beat boxing was passed out on the floor. So I grabbed a laptop and logged on to my DUBTurbo account and created a quick loop.

In five minutes we had the laptop playing a banger that was good for a freestyle battle. It was one in all the best thing I ever done with DUBTurbo. Can you only imagine saving the day like that with your crew?

A friend of mine DJ’s for a lot of small clubs, and he needed a manner to introduce a number of his own tracks into his mixes. He hooked his laptop up to the mixer and commenced enjoying some of his own Jungle music, mixing it in with a number of the additional popular records. After he was done spinning, a lot of individuals asked him what those tracks were called.

Check this out: he has his songs on iTunes currently, and is creating further money on the aspect. It’s like a dream come true for him.

I don’t know what your purpose is for needing to create beats. You would possibly just need to try and do it for fun, or you may be looking to get into the world of professional beat creating. Whatever it is check out DUBTurbo before you check anything else out. It’s the simplest thing to use and just as powerful as the big boys. Click on over to their website to check out the video, demo, and web tools…

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